Holiday Quickies Workout video packages; an exercise video package ideal for beginners workout videos; beginners get fit videos - get results with shortest time investment.


Are you looking for quick, intense workouts to keep you fit over a holiday, or a small workout package as you start out training?

Train Like Sam's #holidayquickies workout video package is ideal for this. It provides workouts that maximise results in minimum time and is representative of the unique Train Like Sam style. This package is suitable for beginners, intermediate or advanced users as all three levels are covered in our videos. This very affordable video workout package offers intense full-body workouts for a week plus a few bonus workouts. If you have a screen and an internet connection, you can Train like Sam within minutes!

If you want to explore our other packages, please see #getoffthecouch and #stayoffthecouch. Before you purchase, make sure you know how to Train Like Sam and that you've tried our sample free workout videos. Use of our material is subject to our Legal Stuff.


We ask NO Activation Fees; NO membership fees; NO monthly levies. You purchase a workout package at a flat fee, all inclusive!


  • 5x HIIT Workout Videos (3x 16-min; 1x 15min; 1x 10min)
  • 3x Bonus Workouts: Warm-up Video (4min), Abdominal Workout Video (16min) & Core Workout Video (8 min)

Get sweating!

Wouldn't you like to get fit and lean in less time?


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Simpler exercise programs are easier to follow and to stick to


Varied exercise routines means less boredom, which means better success rate


as convenient as the closest screen and internet connection; exercise no matter where you are in the world, or exercise even if you are travelling


"For less than what 3 work-outs in a Gauteng gym would cost me; I got 8 fun, professional HIIT workouts that I can do over and over, anywhere, anytime. Superb Value!" - Robin