Sam, the owner of Train Like Sam: learn about Sam Housden recovering from cancer to become strong, fit, flexible and health personified.  This is for YOU if you want solid inspiration.
Get to know Samantha Housden of Train Like Sam better: her story of recovering from cancer is an exceptional example and inspiring for her students.


Sam knows it's hard. She's figured how to get best results in least time, to make it all easier.


Sam has been a certified personal trainer for almost a decade and she absolutely loves her work. Sam was a provincial hockey player and sport has been essential to her physical and emotional well-being. She's always had loads of energy, never struggled with the motivation to exercise, and she'd look forward to every gym session.

In 2016 Sam was diagnosed with breast cancer. Exercise suddenly became hard. She writes: "I tried to exercise post surgery and through the course of radiotherapy but I struggled to regain my strength or confidence in my physicality. Things I used to find easy were suddenly hard. During the 18 months of recovery, I lacked the motivation to train and I was losing my love of exercise."

This was the first time Sam fully appreciated what many of her clients experience when they first start training. She had to get back to basics and build herself back up again. She wanted to re-discover the joy in movement. She learned to celebrate the small achievements, like a 15 second longer plank. She needed to regain the fun in exercising.

She did! She's as strong as before.

Sam says: "I'd love to help others feel as good as I feel now, to get stronger, to appreciate the body they’re in and to love all of themselves, dimples and bumps included. There's an unhealthy obsession with being bikini-ready. Learn to love the body you’re in and focus on how you feel and what you can do with the miracle that is your body. I promise that you'll feel fitter and stronger with my workouts."

Sam's key to success is consistency. Training 3-4 times a week, every week, no excuses, no skipping workouts, plus a consistent, healthy diet brings results. Consistency. No guarantee that you’ll lose X kg in a X days; you’ll get out what you put in.

Get to know Samantha Housden of Train Like Sam better: her story of recovering from breast cancer is an exceptional example and inspiring for her students.


Sam's HIIT workouts are short, fun & effective. Why not try out a sample workout video now?

Work-out programs you'll learn to love


Sam works as a certified personal trainer in the picturesque coastal town of Knysna in the Garden Route of South Africa. Her hobbies include cooking, art films, reading and weightlifting. While her workout programs will tone you, adding weights to your workouts will not only spice them up but also help create the “buff” look.

Sam's classes are full; her diary booked up and she'd love to help so many more people, no matter where they are in the world! Hopefully you can benefit from her video workouts and inspiring philosophy, here in her own words:

I believe very strongly that exercise should enhance life. It should be functional and mimic everyday movements. A training programme should make your life feel easier.

  • It’s important to love the body you're in first. Love what it can do. If you can also lose weight that’s an added bonus. When we feel better about ourselves we are generally more positive, this positive attitude guarantees results. The bikini body will come but I don’t believe one should live on celery sticks to achieve it.
  • If you are scale-obsessed, this program is possibly not for you as increased muscle mass can lead to a larger number on the scale. When I started Crossfit I GAINED 8kg but I lost centimeters – everywhere. Had I been obsessed with my scale, this would’ve been very demotivating. Take measurements to monitor your success. Ask yourself, how do I feel? How do my clothes fit?
  • Give yourself at least 12 weeks to assess the change. It takes 4 weeks of consistent training for you to notice a change, 8 weeks for your friends to notice and 12 weeks for the world to notice! Training twice a week is maintenance, you will feel a little stronger but progress may be slow. If you want to see real results you need to train consistently 3 or preferably 4 times a week. No excuses!
  • These workout programs have been designed to give you lots of flexibility in your training. Your day suddenly gets busy and the time you have to exercise is halved, no problem, do a “quickie” (10 minutes or less of very intense exercise). You don’t have to train for hours to work hard and see results!
  • Be consistent.

Wouldn't you like to get fit and lean in less time?


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Simpler exercise programs are easier to follow and to stick to


Varied exercise routines means less boredom, which means better success rate


as convenient as the closest screen and internet connection; exercise no matter where you are in the world, or exercise even if you are travelling


"Sam is focused on helping me achieve my goals and makes every session challenging but always fun, and you finish feeling like you have achieved more than you possibly could and your endorphins are pumping. My fitness has increased noticeably and I’ve seen improvements in my ability to complete more sit-ups / core exercises and generally push myself harder throughout each session. I find I actually look forward to my workouts. Importantly:
* Sam helps to ensure that my technique is always correct to avoid any injuries
* Train Like Sam is extremely reliable – ready and with an exercise routine well-planned.
- Mandi Fuller