Get off the couch Workout video package; our most popular exercise video package containing a month's worth of get fit videos - get results in shortest time investment.


Our workout video package for the seriously committed offers a variety of HIIT workouts for 12 weeks.

Train Like Sam's #stayoffthecouch workout video package will challenge you and keep you engaged for the 12 weeks it takes for others to really see the difference! You will receive a variety of 10-20min HIIT workouts suitable for beginners, intermediate or advanced users, plus bonus workouts and a personally customised meal plan provided by a professional Nu.Bean nutritionist. With a screen and an internet connection, you can Train like Sam within minutes.

If you want to explore our other packages, please see #holidayquickies and #getoffthecouch. Before you purchase, make sure you know how to Train Like Sam and that you've tried our sample free workout videos. Use of our material is subject to our Legal Stuff.


We ask NO Activation Fees; NO membership fees; NO monthly levies. You purchase a workout package at a flat fee, all inclusive!


  • 48x HIIT Workout Videos (ranging from 10-20min)
  • 10x Bonus Workouts: Warm-up Videos (4min), 4x Abdominal Workout Videos (6min, 10min x 2 & 16min), 3x Core Workout Videos (8 min x 3) & 2x Obliques Workout Videos (12min & 15min)
  • A professional custom-designed meal plan by a Nu.Bean nutritionist is included for free; you will receive everything you need to get it in the package
  • THE BEST PART! You get to have a monthly chat or video call with Sam herself; in which she can help with any exercises you may find challenging; correct your form if needed or give you customised advice to meet your unique goals.

This is incredible value-for-money workout greatness!

Wouldn't you like to get fit and lean in less time?


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Simpler exercise programs are easier to follow and to stick to


Varied exercise routines means less boredom, which means better success rate


as convenient as the closest screen and internet connection; exercise no matter where you are in the world, or exercise even if you are travelling


"I used the TrainlikeSam videos on a recent trip and was able to successfully complete all the workouts in my small hotel room, without needing any specialised equipment. What I like most is that you get a really intense, value-for-money workout in 20 min or less. The videos are easy-to follow and it's encouraging that they include a variety of bodies, at various fitness levels. Some of the participants struggle and don't get it perfectly right at times (just like me) - but they certainly have fun! It's great that I can choose my intensity level for each exercise. On low-energy days, I simply switch to a lower level intensity and still get a good workout. Having several workouts means it never gets boring. If I don't want to go out to train, I close my bedroom door and get a great, fast workout, even in my pajamas!" - Lisa Picard