Workout video packages; exercise video packages; get fit videos - stand aside! Train like Sam is for YOU if you want real results with shortest time investment.


  • HIIT workout videos (max 20min)
  • Take Sam with you wherever you go
  • Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced
  • Mix & Match workout intensity
  • Workout Videos show Sam & real clients
  • Simple to follow; no PDF's to wade through!
  • Workout Packages offer engaging variety
  • Full-body workouts raise your heart-rate
  • Partnered with Nu.Bean nutritionists
  • Use your own music & have fun!
  • Feel strong, fit & toned


As a professional personal trainer who gets truly awesome results for her clients, Sam often gets asked for workout programs or for advice on how to modify an exercise (usually at dinner parties!). Requests for Workout Videos started streaming in and so the Train Like Sam YouTube video workout programs were born.

Are you battling with training? Sam's personal challenges have placed her in a unique position to empathise with the needs of her client. She created these workout videos to enable everyone (with a screen & internet connection) to exercise quickly and effectively.

Train like Sam video packages (#holidayquickies, #getoffthecouch and #stayoffthecouch) are designed to provide variety in exercise choices, exercise intensity and workout lengths. We show you how you can maximise the results of your workout program. Train like Sam workout videos are generally full body functional movements. The approach is not your typical, dedicated “legs, bums & tums”. You’ll work legs, bums, tums, shoulders, back and more while getting your heart-rate up in the same (short) time!

Let Sam do what she does best: bring out your inner HERO to feel strong, flexible, toned and in charge of your amazing body!

Since Train Like Sam aims to be portable and easily doable anywhere, the idea is to train with what you have at hand.


Media - while it's as portable as your smartphone, the workouts are best enjoyed on a laptop, iPad or TV screen.

Music - play your own music and double the fun! Exercise changes are indicated with a bell or subtitles.

Equipment - not essential, but a Pilates ball, skipping rope, set of dumbbells, a sturdy box and resistance band will spice up your workout. Get creative, use equally sized and weighted waterbottles instead of dumbbells (fill with water, or sand for extra challenge); use stable stairs instead of boxes; or the arm of a sturdy sofa to do your pushups, burpees or provide situp stabilisation.

Mindset - Sam boasts with incredible success as a personal trainer and all she requires of her clients is to show up consistently, do their best and push themselves a little more each time.


Watch the short demo “About” video and try out each exercise level along with us to decide which level is for you.

Warm up, then play the “Workout” video. A gong indicates the start of the workout and the workout intervals. Watch and do what we do, when we do it. Try to match the pace and challenge yourself!

Every video demonstrates different skill levels. Follow the appropriate person: Level 1 (L1, beginner) - pink mat; Level 2 (L2, intermediate) - blue mat; Level 3 (L3, advanced) - black mat. Mix & match to your capability. Too easy? Level up!

Our video workouts are short full-body functional HIIT workouts, so give it 110%. Don't skip a workout, rather do at least a 10-min "quickie". Don't change the workout content and please rest when indicated. It is very important to maintain good form at all times.


It is important to us that you buy our exercise video package with a very good idea of what to expect. We are unable to offer refunds on material once we've already given you access to it (it's not a product you can return).

There are several sample Train Like Sam videos available. You can assess the format, intensity and approach, to see if it will suit you.

Sam strongly advises you to try out the sample videos; use them to work out as much as you like. When you are ready to step up, or for more variety, pick the package appropriate to your needs.

Exercise appropriately and check with your personal physician before embarking on any exercise program.

Try these 3 fun sample workout videos (each with demo intro) right now, wherever you are!

Unleash the hero within


Sam works with men and women of all ages, she especially empathises with women over 30 with busy schedules. Many are stay-at-home moms or travelling business women (both with little free time) who need variety and short, effective workouts. Others may need quick, intensive workouts for a holiday.

Sam's clients are committed, determined and time-poor. Most have already done some exercise; some want to get fitter and stronger (e.g. endurance athletes); a few are just starting on a fitness program - Sam is equally impactful, as long as the client is consistent.

Sam is not a nutritionist, so she brings you Nu.Bean: all Sam's clients are encouraged to get a personally customised meal plan from a Nu.Bean nutritionist - it's so reasonably priced (or included free with our 12-week package). With Sam's workouts and your professional mealplan, you'll be equipped to succeed as a healthier, fitter you.

Are you up for the challenge? Sam has a video workout program that will help you rise to the task:

Wouldn't you like to get fit and lean in less time?


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Simpler exercise programs are easier to follow and to stick to


Varied exercise routines means less boredom, which means better success rate


as convenient as the closest screen and internet connection; exercise no matter where you are in the world, or exercise even if you are travelling


"Even with 8300 miles between us, Sam never once let her enthusiasm, motivation or commitment to my fitness goals fade. Sam provided me with a weekly plan, backed up by explainer videos, and (connection permitting), real-time coaching. I worked hard for the results I saw, Sam made sure of that!" - Brayley Pearce